KFC: sign the Better Chicken Commitment in Thailand

KFC has been a KFC has been a leader in improving chicken welfare. Over the last few years, KFC in the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, and France, signed up to the Better Chicken Commitment -- a promise to its consumers to improve animal welfare standards.

But in Thailand,
it's a different story.
KFC says:“We’re always pushing improvements to chicken welfare standards across our supply chain”(Source : KFC 2019)
Then why, in Thailand, does KFC have some of the world's worst welfare standards for chickens?(Source : World Animal Protection 2020)
: sign the BETTER CHICKEN COMMITMENT in Thailand now!

What's life like for factory-farmed chickens?

*All the images present here are for campaigning purpose only. The images represent convention systems of broiler production that's not specific to KFC supply chain.
How is KFC keeping Thai
consumers in the dark?

What consumers are saying

Our demands

We call on KFC Thailand to show its support for chicken welfare in Thailand by supporting the following initiatives:
Growing slowly
Chickens on higher-welfare indoor farms are allowed to grow at a slower, more natural rate. This helps them live healthier, less painful lives.
Natural behaviour
Chickens who are able to behave more naturally suffer less stress and also have fewer physical problems such as lameness and skin lesions
Natural lighting
Vision is a chicken’s main sense and providing them with natural light encourages them to move around more and dark periods allow them to rest.
Making space
When chickens have more space, this increases their comfort, reduces their stress and encourages them to move, scratch, peck and dustbathe.
Better Chicken Commitment
KFC Thailand must implement the throughout its supply chain by 2030.


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